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North Florida Dance Association Dance Host Michael Singleton



Michael Singleton started dancing ballet and taking gymnastics at the age of 5, to improve his coordination after his father enrolled him in T-Ball. The T-Ball didn’t interest Michael much, but dance sure did. Michael transitioned to ballroom dancing at the age of 16 and he started teaching shortly thereafter.  

Michael started teaching ballroom in Jacksonville in 2006, and in 2007 he was awarded Top Teacher in Jacksonville. Michael continues to win recognition as a top teacher locally and internationally on multiple professional competition dance circuits.  

Some of Michael’s most recent accomplishments include: 

·         December, 2015 ~ 3rd place overall in a US based Professional Competition Circuit  

·         November, 2015 ~ Top Teacher World Dance Sport Latin Competition in Vienna, Austria. His student was awarded Top Student at that same event. 

·         2013-2015 ~ 3 consecutive Top Teacher Awards at the Palm Coast Classic. 

·         2016~ Michael took Top Teacher for the year at the World Promotions competition circuit. 

Michael has also has a pair of his students who won 2nd place Overall at World’s Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Michael enjoys dancing with students just as much as with other professional dancers. His favorite dance is foxtrot and he enjoys rhythm.