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And it Started With a Little Gift Like This!


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3 Private Lessons, 2 Group Lessons and a Practice Party Just $59

Contact our dance coordinator at (904) 337-9965


I know the song says "it started with a little kiss like this", but they got it wrong. Truth is a young computer geek ventured out into the sunlight on a quest to locate a romantic wooden gift. It was in an attempt to conform to an ancient 5th anniversary tradition. Discouraged and mildly burned from exposure to natural light, this young engineer trudged on. When as if by the breath of an angel, a sign swayed just enough to catch his eye. His prayers were answered. The sign, inscribed with something not unlike this introductory offer, was hanging gracefully above a beautiful "wooden" ballroom floor. The anniversary would prove to be a success. His wife, being of a similar profession, was surprised by a gift foreign to creatures who spoke binary and machine languages. Still they decided a few dance lessons would provide the skills they needed to get out on the dance floor. Like so many beginning dancers, they immediately became addicted! They could not stop dancing (they are still dancing 12 years later)! So you see, it really was started with a little gift like this.

YOU COULD BE DANCING TOO! If the two computer geeks, portrayed in the video on the left, can learn to dance, why not you? Whether it’s time to treat yourself to something new or buy an introductory package for a friend, you just can't beat this amazing offer. It’s way too early to mention buying one as a Christmas gift, so I won't. I will wait till December to mention that idea. But be forewarned, it is a lot of fun and highly addicting.