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North Florida Dance Association Members



North Florida Dance Association (NF Dance) is a diverse group of ballroom dancers who meet at different venues for the sole purpose of sharing their passion for dancing. Comprised of professional dance ‘hosts’ from a variety of dance studios as well as social dancers and competitors, this group welcomes dancers of all ages and levels.

We feature events at several local venues from ballroom dance studios to night clubs. Our ‘Night on the Town’ events are special opportunities to enjoy our dance host program in a night club setting and our monthly dance is always an elegant occasion where we come together and enjoy good fun, good fellowship and a lot of dancing to a variety of music. We also team up with other local Dance Organizations such as Club Savoy and American Ballroom & Contemporary Dance Association.

What makes us so unique is our Dance Host Program. Featuring professional ladies and gentlemen, for a nominal fee at our local events, you can enjoy the pleasure of dancing with our professional dancers. Even couples enjoy the opportunity to hone their dancing skills

What makes us so special is our dancers! From all walks of life, all levels of dancing, we blend well together and each event is a celebration of dance. To ‘join the club’, simply attend one of our events. No dues, no application, no sponsor necessary. Come grow with us and share your unique, special joy of dance.